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Building Our Local Church Profile

After a time of reflection, work, and prayer, we have called our new settled pastor, the Rev. Dr. Kimberly Stryjak. See the work we did by reading below, or jump straight to our local church profile.

Number 1

Visioning Session 1

What does Saint Peter's mean to members of our congregation?

Number 2

Visioning Session 2

Who were we in the past?

Who are we now?

Number 3

Visioning Session 3

What are our unique blessings and what can we do with them?

Number 4

Visioning Session 4

Preaching, communication, struggles for growth, and more

Number 5

Visioning Session 5

New directions for outreach for our neighborhood and beyond

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Local Church Profile

Read our finished profile.

We welcome your comments and suggestions

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Mission InSite:
Demographic Reports

Insightful demographic information about our neighborhood

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