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Giving the Gift of Life

Feb 1, 2022

Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. —Proverbs 3:27

What’s black and white and red all over?

We’ll give you a hint: You’ll find it parked at Saint Peter’s UCC every nine weeks.

It’s the Miller-Keystone Bloodmobile.

Saint Peter’s long association with Miller-Keystone Blood Center began with one man’s desire to help. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Kevin Unger was moved to begin donating blood as a way making a difference. In 2007, he started to think bigger and approached Saint Peter’s to ask if the congregation would be interested in holding a blood drive.

Almost 2000 pints of blood later, it’s clear that the answer was a resounding yes.

Why give blood? For some, it’s in remembrance of a loved one. For others, it’s the high calling of civic duty. For the Rev. Dr. Kris Hayden, who received multiple transfusions as a baby, it’s a way of passing on a blessing. For the Unger family, it has become a family tradition—Kevin’s son, Devin, made his first donation as soon as he turned sixteen and hasn’t stopped since.

Learn about donor eligibility at Keystone-Miller’s website. You can sign up to donate online (enter 19609 for the zip code to search for a Saint Peter’s blood drive) or can contact the church office to learn when our next blood drive will be held.

Your donations help treat accident victims, cancer patients, and premature babies right here in Berks County. When you give blood, you give of yourself and make an immediate and life-changing impact in your community.

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