Planning a Visit to Saint Peter's UCC

As the COVID-19 pandemic shows signs of improvement, we we are beginning to worship together again in person. Please read our Covid-19 response page for details.

What should I wear? Anything you like! Some of our members choose relaxed and comfy clothes. Others like to put on their Sunday best.


When should I arrive? Sunday morning service starts at ten. It’s okay to arrive late. Come on in and have a seat. We don’t have assigned seats, so feel free to sit in a place that’s comfortable for you.


Where should I park? There’s plenty of parking on Dwight Road and Curtis Road, two quiet residential streets in West Lawn. You may also park in the lot at Wilson High School, which you’ll find across the street from Saint Peter’s.


What about kids? Jesus welcomed the little children and we do, too. Kids make noise, and we consider that a blessing. Children stay with their families for the first part of Sunday morning service—about ten minutes—and hear a special children’s sermon. Then they’re welcome to join other children in our community center to learn about faith, play, and have a snack under the supervision of adults. For kids who’d rather stay with their parents for the whole service, we provide activities—word searches, coloring pages, and crayons. We have a pair of rocking chairs if you’d like to rock your baby during the service. Just outside the sanctuary, there’s a playroom for babies and young children who need a break from the service. You’ll find a changing table in the all-gender restroom on the sanctuary level.


How long does the service last? Sunday worship services last about an hour. After that, many of our members stay for a few minutes to share conversation and refreshments in our welcome center.


How will I know what to do during the service? We provide a weekly bulletin that you can follow, and the order of worship is displayed on screens.


Is the church accessible? There are curb cuts on Curtis Road and on the corner of Curtis and Dwight Roads and a ramp that leads to our sanctuary level from Curtis Road. A curb cut on Dwight Road leads to a sidewalk that goes to the community center doors on our lower level. There is an accessible, all-gender restroom on the sanctuary level and two on the lower level. Individual audio headsets and large print versions of weekly bulletin are available in our welcome center. Just ask your greeter for a copy.


Can I take communion at Saint Peter's? We celebrate the Lord’s Supper once a month, kneeling together around the altar in the center of our sanctuary. All who wish to partake are welcome. When the tray of glasses is passed, you may choose grape juice (the center circle) or wine (the outer rings). If you would like to take communion but can’t easily kneel, please stand instead. If walking to the altar is hard for you, just let one of our ushers know, and they’ll bring the bread and wine to you.


What if I have questions about faith, religion, and God? We have questions, too! God helps us when we’re honest about our concerns and willing to work together for deeper understanding. Working through the questions makes our church life dynamic and keeps us growing in faith and love.


Is there room for someone like me at Saint Peter’s? Yes! You are welcome to be yourself among us. Diversity of thought and experience is valued at Saint Peter’s. As progressive Christians, we trust that God is still speaking, giving fresh insight to meet contemporary issues. Our faith is 2,000 years old. Our thinking isn’t. If you are not a Christian, we hope that you will hear and see the good news of Jesus at Saint Peter’s and that you will come to a loving relationship with him through his church here. This is a place to meet God through worship, prayer, study, fellowship, and service. It is a privilege for us to share the Christian life with others, offering support, encouragement, and acceptance in the name of Jesus. No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. We hope you’ll join us in this Christian community.