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Saint Peter's UCC COVID-19 Protocols for Members 

We are currently worshiping online. When we're ready to return to our sanctuary for indoor worship, we'll ask your help in protecting our church family. We’ll be living with COVID-19 for a long time, so it’s important to have procedures and habits that help us all be safer. You can view them below​ or download a copy.

What must you do to help?

What must you do?

Stay home if you feel sick. If you develop symptoms after attending a service or event, contact the church office.


Do not wear a mask with an exhalation valve. We have disposable masks in our welcome center if you need one.


Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. If you need a mask, pick up a disposable one in our welcome center.


Kids should sit with their families. Activity sheets are provided. Weekly Sunday school continues by email and confirmation classes with online meetings.


If you wear a visor, please add a mask when you’re indoors. You can pick up a disposable mask in our welcome center.


Please go outdoors to catch up with your church family. Masks and social distancing are important outdoors, too.

What has Saint Peter's done to make indoor worship safer?

What has Saint Peter's don?

Online worship continues. If that's best for you, look for our messages and videos on Facebook.


We ask that all who attend our services wear masks, and we supply disposable masks.


Questions? Please contact our church office.


The heating/air conditioning system is set to provide both ventilation and filtration during services.


We have modified our worship service to reduce the length of exposure to aerosols and droplets.

Physically distanced seating is arranged in the sanctuary, and our ushers direct family units to seats.


We have posted information on ways you can reduce disease transmission in our building and on our website.

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