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Local Church Profile
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a local church profile?

It’s a document that we, like other United of Church congregations, complete. It includes demographic information about our congregation and our neighborhood; and descriptions of our worship life, Christian education program, finances, and history. It answers three important questions: Who are we as a congregation? Who are our neighbors? How will we serve them?

Why are we doing writing a local church profile?

Local church profiles have two primary goals: to help our conference match a church with a new pastor and to guide a church to chart a path into future worship and service.

Who writes this profile?

The Local Church Profile Committee (Kim Barndt, Janice Rodríguez, Charlie Sterner, Pastor Kim Stryjak, and Elaine Wiley) compile information from our records, our leaders, and most important of all, from our congregation.

How will information be gathered?

In focus groups during worship or at meals; for those who can’t come to our building, with personal interviews or emails; by reviewing our records; and with demographic reports.

Is the profile secret?

Not at all! The committee will keep everyone posted on our congregation’s progress and ask for input before the profile is finalized.

Does this mean that Pastor Kim is leaving us?

Not necessarily. Pastor Kim began serving us in our transition as a designated-term pastor in April 2022. When this term ends, if she and we decide that our path lies together, we will vote for her to stay with us. If she or we feel that God is calling us to separate paths, we will begin to look for a pastor, using our completed local church profile for a search and call process.

Can I help?

Sure! Please contact a member of the Local Church Profile Committee or the church office.

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