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Visioning Session One

We held our first session in August of 2022 to talk about what Saint Peter's means to us and what it might look like in the future. Here's summary of our responses. You can download a transcription of all the responses, too.

Share a time when this church was here for you when you needed it.

Saint Peter’s was there for you in good times—milestones of your faith life, weddings, and baptisms. You spoke, too, about Saint Peter’s being there for you in tougher moments—illness and death, struggles at work, tests of your faith.

What do you want Saint Peter's to be like in two years?

You answered this question by talking about growth in our shared faith life, growth in membership numbers and programming, and growth in outreach.

In one word, what does Saint Peter's mean to you?

A word cloud with these words: welcoming, family, frinedly, comfort, diversity, guidance, caring, hospitality, nurturing, fellowship, warmth, stability, belonging, peace, spiritual home, community, family-oriented, female-led, congregation
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