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Visioning Session Three

At our third visioning session, we counted our blessings, cataloging the many gifts that God has given us to do good work in the world. We reviewed our lists, starring those gifts that are unique to Saint Peters, and began to think about how those might be used to create new outreach opportunities.


We know that we are blessed with a unique space, with three acres of land, some wooded and some not, a pavilion, a peace garden, and a playground. We're close to Wilson High School. Our facilities are reasonably accessible. We have long partnerships with community groups and a congregation of talented people--many of whom are in the helping professions.


Our first thoughts for new outreach opportunities included outdoor ministries like blessings in the prayer garden or a meditative/prayer labyrinth and increased use of our indoor space for programs for high school students. We'll keep refining those dreams in future visioning sessions.

Download a transcription of all the responses if you'd like more details about our answers.

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